Millesia once again proves its technical expertise through the design of this line, developed with larger sizes in mind. Pearl knows how to combine beauty and structure thanks to the combination of voluptuous embroidery on voluminous tulle and richly composed of a satin thread, embellished with tonic elastic tulle. This combination guarantees the comfort and quality of the line. The foam balconette bra features wide straps, in harmony with the more structured cups resulting in an evermore plunging and seductive cleavage. The other two models, classic and balcony, have a small fishnet that lightens their straps. Finally, a subtle embroidery placement is present in the back to enhance the comfort of each bra. The high-waisted briefs in the line are no less sensual due to the insertion of an identical mesh to the straps and a slight transparency of the elastic tulle. On the thong and shorty, embroidery placements highlight all of the femininity to be found in this line. Pearl exists in black / lilac for an assumed and seductive contrast, or mother-of-pearl / rose that evoke the softness and subtlety of Aphrodite. Whether one prefers a more classic or mischievous style, Millesia makes the cleavage a woman’s most beautiful asset.

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