Libertine is a sensational line that makes you irresistible and gives confidence to any woman daring enough to wear it.

The fabrics include guipure lace with rich and airy artistic patterns, as well as elastic tulle. This creates a subtle blend that reveals all of Libertine’s boldness and character.

The three models of bra revolve around a classic style, for a subtle cleavage for any everyday situation, a push-up that showcases a cleavage perfect for complete intoxication and pleasure and finally, a topless model, suitable for the most free-spirited amongst us.

Additionally, the collection’s stockings playfully reveal the feminine forms through a game of wicked transparency and material placement.

For Libertine, the devil is in the detail, which is why Millesia finishes each adornment with spaghetti straps and discreet knots, on a delicate background of nude tulle for both the briefs and shorty.

The range is available in intense black for the most irresistible night owls and comes in mother-of-pearl for the sweetest of sins.

Through its luxurious fabrics and its charming insolence, Libertine pushes you towards forbidden pleasures in both a modern and stylish spirit of joie de vivre.

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