A collection with a bold, independent and diabolically appealing look.


Divine enjoys the desire she inspires through the use of black lace of extreme finesse that gives it a lightweight and unparalleled freedom.


Like a demonic game, she hides and reveals the voluptuousness of the woman’s assets through the generous use of lace, contrasted by a charming but scintillating lycra.


The bra cups are topstitched with three parallel seams creating a quilted effect that highlights the wearer’s curves.


The neckline of the foam balconette is structured with a set of stitches that allows a sophisticated cut that refines and showcases the chest. The push-up is adorned with lace, creating an elegant sobriety that features a fascinating cleavage. Finally, Divine also includes a sexy model, suggesting a naked breast through a vertical opening punctuated with buttonholes.


The abundant lace creates a lightness to wear and voluptuousness for all forms. Indeed, it rests on the skin in an extremely sensual manner that is sure to please.


Divine is available in a deep black and flesh colour.


Finally, a particularly refined detail finishes the line in the form of pearl jewellery  that can be found on each of the models within the range.


With fluid and delicate materials, Divine is a smouldering line that encourages you to give in to temptation.

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