In a carnal and glamorous way, Caprice is the crown jewel of this season.

Rich through its embroidery on blocked tulle with a floral motif, and enhanced with an iridescent thread on its black model, Caprice is a truly feminine line, characterised by exquisite fabrics and attention to detail. It is embellished with an elastane tulle that teasingly plays a game of contrasts.

Caprice is timeless and stylish and that's why it is available in many models. From the refined triangle to the classic fit for generous breasts, not to mention the push-up that exalts femininity, the Millesia woman will be able to seduce her heart’s desire when armed with Caprice.

The backs of the bras are openwork with a set of elastic ties, which come together to complete the charm and finesse of the Caprice line.

Of course one cannot forget the irresistible corset, which erotically sculpts the body that transforms the wearer into an elegant, sensual goddess suitable for all fantasies.

High-waisted briefs shape the silhouette. The thong has a series of links on the hips giving a mischievous spirit, alongside the Brazilian string embroidery that has the power to allure and dazzle the senses.

Finally, as if to assert its dominance as the season’s crown jewel, Caprice is adorned with spaghetti straps and is embellished with a sparkling, eye-catching pearl that finishes off the range.

The Caprice line is either passionate in black / mother of pearl, or romantic and sensual in mother-of-pearl / pink.

Caprice is a line with feminine and chic trimmings, a bottle of lushness that delights with its winning formula of greed and indulgence.

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