The fascinating and sublime «Coquine» line positions itself firmly in the category of lingerie for seduction. Delicate and cheeky, it plays with the dynamic patterns of the embroidery and adapts to all body types. Satin ribbons and tulle, in shades of black or pearl nacre, harmonize on this elaborate, sexy and wonderful lingerie, giving it a rare beauty. The shape of the sexy bra or the tulip bra is characterized by their refinement and originality. This line is ideal as sexy lingerie. The Babydoll with a diaphanous transparency meets your requirements for nightwear by its extreme sensuality. Appetizing and magnetizing, «Coquine», enjoys the “on-and-off” effects, transparent and dark, covering and revealing some parts of the body. The laces will sublimate the back of the string or the sides of the bras, complacent and provocative at the service of those who seduce. The high-quality fabrics associated with MILLESIA’s craftsmanship reveal the unmatched luxury of these creations, both complex and exceptional.

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