Freshness and delicacy characterize this line. «Angelique» expresses the need for a return to nature, caring for and exalting the female body. This elemental purity is revealed by its pure color and embroidery. inspired by the floral world, reminiscent of cosmos, summer flowers recognized for their multiple light corollas which give them uncommon grace and immaculate whiteness. They are also a symbol of purity, serenity and sincerity. Each piece is made of broderie anglaise, recognized for its refinement and essential in the world of luxury lingerie, and embellished with cotton, a textile renowned for its softness and its temperature control properties. These properties reveal its lightness and make it one of the most suitable fabrics for the Spring/Summer season. The shapes of the bustier refer to the luxuriant organic universe cut in petal forms, deepening and shaping the cleavage, ennobling curves and emphasizing raw feminine beauty. Other pieces like the triangle bra without underwires magnifies the natural form of the bust, promising ease and support. In this way, it gives to each wearer a sublime ethereal sensation, raising her to the rank of an angel. These qualities make this line a homage to the female and her intimate desires, liberated or reserved in harmony with each figure and for any situation.

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