The mastery of MILLESIA’s craftsmanship is combined with this chic embroidery on tulle, rich yarns and luxurious designs. The embroidery in sparkling and attractive colors brings out the fresh hypnotizing femininity in each woman. The soul of MILLESIA is expressed throughout the seasons as timeless jewels. The push-up and balcony bras produce a glamourous, perfect cleavage. The classic bra offers an ideal shape. The comfort of the seamless brief for an invisible effect, the shorty and the string with affirmed personalities. The warmth and flora of spring enliven the pattern and the «flowers of the fields» tints of this intimate apparel. The vibrant energy inspired by this line allows every woman to affirm her femininity and sensuality. «Diamant» is one of references within the French fine lingerie market, imposing itself by its finesse within the high-end brands.

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